Temp Fence for Resouce Industry

Australia's prime Resource industries operate under Australia's major hazardous facility (MHF) regulations. Employers in the industry have a responsibility for the implementation of safety management systems operating on the site, for preventing major accidents.

Hesly Fencing Solutions is the leading Chinese supplier of temporary fencing to the Resources and Mining industries. Supplying these industries is often quite complex because of the geographical location of many sites and the strict regulation that operate within them. We recognise this and have a team that specialises in servicing our Resources customers. This team spends a lot of time organising the logistics with our customers to ensure the process of ordering right through to delivery is as smooth as possible.

HeslyFence® supplies our major resources industries with high volumes of temporary fencing for all segregation, safe maintenance works and protection projects.

Safe Maintenance Works

Due to the nature and size of on-shore resource industry facilities, it is common for scheduling routine maintenance works over longer periods of time. Our temporary fencing makes a cost effective choice, instead of using temp fence hire. We regularly supply the resource industry with temporary construction fence for protecting areas, materials or equipment from unauthorised use or access. Our temporary fencing is fast and easy to install, providing a robust secure barrier. We can supply high volume orders of construction fence, barriers and clamps from our network of national branches.


Even though the industry has the most stringent safety measures, there are sometimes unfortunate accidents. There is normally a site management safety plan which comes into action in the event of an accident. This may include containing an area for OH&S or other inspectors. Our temporary construction fencing is ideal for this type of work, as it is strong robust and can be quickly installed in an emergency.


Resource industries buy temp fences from TTFS as a financial strategy; as it's an excellent way of avoiding long term fence hire costs. Having the storage space for high volumes means buying is a cost effective option. This also avoids lengthy paperwork and continual haulage costs, associated with fencing hire. Other important considerations include the cost of extending your fencing hire, causing higher expenditure when compared with buying temporary fence.

Contact our friendly professional HeslyFence® who can explain how reducing your fence hire commitment makes shrewd business and financial sense.


We can also supply quality fencing feet bases, stays and clamps which stand up to Australia's harshest climates. All of our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 - Temporary Fencing and Hoardings. We also supply commercial grade, quality shade cloth for dust and debris control.


We can supply the resource industry with superior temporary construction fencing and barriers for harsh environments at a highly competitive price. We have stores in all major Australian cities, ready for immediate shipping. Our friendly professional staff can efficiently process all of your orders on time and in budget.

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HeslyFence® is a manufacturer of Temporary Fencing and Safety Systems, supplying Hire Companies, Temporary Fencing Companies, Councils, Construction Contractors, Events, Mining Australia wide.From its humble
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All our panels are made with our exclusive "Smartweld" System which provides a 360° weld effect. Tested to be more than 70% stronger than conventional mig welded joints.
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All our panels are made with our exclusive "Smartweld" System which provides a 360° weld effect. Tested to be more than 70% stronger than conventional mig welded joints.
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